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Update: Last Week of October 2012

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The Potato Bed 11...the Pea Beans are reaching out to their trellis, the Potatoes have been mounded up with aged manure and soil and Horseradish has been planted in a pot nearby as a Companion Plant for the Potatoes. Now for some mulch...

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 2.5C
Highest Max 32.9C
No Recorded Rainfall


Beans Haricot Phaseolus vulgaris from Diggers - direct sown into Bed 7
Beans Zagreb Soldier Phaseolus nanus from The Lost Seed - direct sown into Bed 5
Beans Tongues Of Fire Phaseolus vulgaris from New Gippsland Seeds - direct sown into FRWB 1
Beans Tepary Blue Speckled Phaseolus acutifolius from Inspirations Seeds - direct sown into FRWB 2
Chickpeas White Cicer arietinum - direct sown into the small mound Bed in the Old Chook Run
Rockmelon Hales Best Cucumis melo cantaloupensis from local seed group - direct sown into Bed 3
Sweetcorn Kelvedon Glory Zea mays from DT Brown - direct sown into the small mound bed in the Old Chook Run
Zucchini Climbing from Home Saved seeds - direct sown in the Old Chook Run in-ground bed.

Potting up/on:
Cucumber Bushy
Cucumber Suyo Long

Seedlings planted out:
Capsicum California Wonder 6 seedlings into Bed 7
Celery Dorata D' Asti 6 seedlings into Bed 8
Celery Tendercrisp 3 seedlings into Bed 8
Honey Dew Melon 6 seedlings into Bed 3
Malabar Spinach Red 1 seedling into FRWB 1 and 1 into Bed 23
Nasturtium Alaska 5 seedlings into Bed 3
Pumpkin Winter Luxury 3 seedlings into Bed 22
Pumpkin Wrinkled Butternut 2 seedlings into Bed 9
Squash Button Jaune et Verte 2 seedlings into Bed 1, and 2 into Bed 13
Tomato Black Russian 5 seedlings into the large mound bed in the Old Chook Run
Tomato Golden Sunrise 4 seedlings into Bed 19
Tomato Oregon Spring 5 seedlings into Bed 18
Tomato Red Colossus 5 seedlings into Bed 18
Tomato Red Oxheart 4 seedlings into the large mound bed in the Old Chook Run
Tomato Rumsey's Cross 2 seedlings into Bed 18
Tomato Tommy Toe 1 seedling into Bed 23
Watermelon Sugarbaby 5 seedlings into Bed 13
Zucchini Early 2 seedlings into Bed 1
Zucchini Golden 2 seedlings into Bed 1, and 2 into Bed 13

Basil Red

The Basil seedlings are slow to grow this year so I bought a "Red Basil" As this is a single plant and bursting to flower I thought I'd take some cuttings to prune it's growth a little. These very soft cuttings should take root in a jar of water...hopefully increasing my supply of Basil.

Some of those early planted Zagreb Soldier Beans are flowering already...not so the Purple Kings in Bed 3 I think I'll need to replace those ones...not all experiments work out well!!

The Golden Podded Peas growing on the cage in Bed 6 are podding up now and providing great shelter for newly planted Cucumber seedlings beneath them.

To see how the various Garden areas fit on our half acre block check out the newest Map of our place HERE This is updated as planting/changes occur.

This link has some useful tips about growing food plants in shade...along with a list of 40 plants that will grow in partial shade.

For more information:
On Seed Starting go to The Food Gardening For Beginners Part 6 Getting Your Seeds To Grow
On Cuttings go to The Food Gardening For Beginners Part 7 Taking Cuttings

Read More at Scarecrow's Garden...
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